Interview Questions

As soon as my IRB application is approved, I hope to start conducting interviews on Carnegie Mellon’s campus. I plan to speak with 10-15 female students, and hopefully a health care practitioner from student health.

Sample interview questions for women research participants:

  • What types of items do you see for sale in public restrooms? What is the cost?
  • Are you likely to purchase items in a public restroom? Why or why not?
  • What aspects of your female health care do you feel the need to visit a clinic? a pharmacy?
  • What aspects of your female health care do you handle yourself? What do you wish you could handle yourself?
  • Have you ever been denied care because of bureaucratic or administrative problems?
  • Do you prefer to self-pay for care, as with OTC products, or pay for insurance and have insurance cover the cost?
  • Do you prefer to see the doctor or pharmacist for birth control or infection treatments, or would you prefer to handle it yourself?
  • What method of birth control do you use and how do you get it?
  • Have you ever had a female health problem that was diagnosed differently than what you thought it was?

Sample interview questions for health care providers:

  • What are the most common complaints or reasons for women to visit the clinic?
  • What problems do you see patients come in with that are preventable?
  • What illnesses or issues can be self-treated, without a visit to the clinic?
  • How much instruction does it take for someone to self-treat a common problem?
  • In your experience, do most women know how to take birth control pills, or do they need to be taught? Can they be taught via packaging alone?
  • Do long-term users need pharmacy/prescription to guard against dangers of misuse?
  • What obstacles do patients face in obtaining care?
  • What do you wish women knew how to do for themselves?
  • What needs should women really come to the doctor for, and not try to treat themselves?

One thought on “Interview Questions

  1. Great idea, and especially so for places around the world where access is limited. Go for it!

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