Too much packaging, not enough value


Look at all the unhelpful packaging that comes with my birth control pills. Everything but the pack itself goes straight into the trash. The last time I picked up my prescription, I watched the pharmacist take it off a shelf, unwrap the pills from a foil pouch, put it a blue plastic “privacy pouch,” staple paper to it and put it in a paper bag, then into a plastic bag. She then hands it to me, asks me if I have any questions (after 10 years of being on the pill, I say no), and I pay $15. I see absolutely no value to me, the patient, in the exchange above.

In this vein, I have decided that CVS pharmacy will not profit from my monthly obligatory trips to the pharmacy to pick up birth control. Whereas I would usually wait my 15 minutes browsing the aisles and picking up unnecessary products, I have decided to pointedly boycott the absent-minded spending and just pay for the pills, and leave.


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