The dog ate my pill, twice!

What other shapes could birth control packaging come in?

One of the problems with birth control packaging is that you have a one-pill-a-day ration. This is helpful because you have a visual feedback channel to tell you if you’ve taken that day’s pill or not. The blister is either empty or full. But one problem that was identified during my user interviews is that the limited quantity of pills means that if one gets lost, it’s irreplaceable. It also means that the end of the month is a stressful time. As you come closer to the end of your pack, you have to make sure you can get the next pack: a recipe that includes having a current prescription, valid health insurance, and a stocked pharmacy, or on-time mail order service.

Could packaging continue to offer the feedback benefit but avoid the feeling that they are “running out of pills?” One design concept I sketched above is a refill-at-will bracelet. If a vending system or pharmacy could dispense single pills, a woman could fill her 28-day bracelet at her convenience. She’s less likely to start her new regimen late, and she can get replacement pills if her daily dose gets lost or eaten by her dog (true story from an interview).



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