Self-service female health

Vending machine

A page from my sketchbook with my idea of one-stop lady health shop! March yourself over to the nearest vending machine in the public restroom and buy anything from birth control to testing kits and prescriptions. Get clear instructions on how to test yourself for common infections and take the treatment on the spot. We’ve put a man on the moon, can’t we help a girl treat her UTI?

Buy what you need in an anonymous, women-only environment

Self diagnosis and treatment kit

Inspired by the simple packaging of Help medicine, I sketched what an ideal test kit could be: diagnosis and treatment in one. No running around from doctor to pharmacy to find out you had a UTI (duh) and getting your antibiotics. Let’s package them together with the test so you can have a kit on hand when an infection strikes.

I'd rather diagnose and treat myself in privacy than run from clinic to pharmacy with a burning bladder.

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