Full-size cardboard prototypes

I’ve been making quick cardboard prototypes from the small-scale versions I made last week. I’m testing them for ease of use and privacy. I tacked two up in the hallway and invited students to walk up and give them a try.

Medicine-cabinet style design

Cabinet-style vending machine, door closed. The machine remains unobtrusive while not in use.

Cabinet-style prototype, door open. Users would create privacy by opening the door and blocking the interface with their body.

Walk up to the machine, door closed.

Open the front panel to view the products on display.

This prototype blocks the view from one side, but not the other.

Side privacy panel design

Another prototype design, with privacy side panels (inspired by a urinal design)

Quickly buy something and slip it into a pocket.

From the side, people walking into the bathroom can't see what she's buying.


A triangular machine fits into a corner to help create a private zone for purchases.

The triangular shape would restrict where the vending machine is placed in the restroom. Ideally, it would be a corner furthest away from the entrance.



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