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Interviews with women

I’ve interviewed 17 women over the last few weeks. I spoke with each woman face-to-face in the cafe of her choice or via Skype. My notes filled 400 index cards with their stories and observations on topics ranging from health care and contraception to relationships and family. Each woman was unique in her experiences. I am very grateful to these volunteers for sharing their stories and time with me.

400 notecards from 17 interviews

I mixed the notes and sorted across topics we discussed

Major themes emerged, and some surprises

Here are the topics we discussed most often:

  • Pharmacy experiences
  • Health insurance and payment options
  • Prescription vs. over-the-counterĀ drugs
  • Gynecologist visits and pap smears
  • Barrier method contraception (condoms, vaginal contraceptive film)
  • Hormonal method contraception (birth control pills, ring, patch, Depo)
  • Behavioral method contraception (withdrawal, fertility monitoring)
  • Long-term method contraception (IUD, implant)
  • Permanent contraception (sterilization)
  • Emergency contraception and abortion
  • Relationships with partners
  • Talking to Mom and other confidants
  • Public restrooms andĀ vending machines
  • Pregnancy and babies
  • Health issues with breasts, cysts and skin
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Yeast infections